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LED Resources

•Good Riddance to Old Fluorescent Tube Lamps
Here is a great article on the need to safely recycle fluorescent tube lamps. LED Lighting Applied has just introduced a rebate program to compensate for the cost of recycling these old lamps. Contact us today and learn more.

•Street Lighting retrofit improving visibility, saving energy.
"High pressure sodium cobra head streetlights create an amber glow, but LED lights give off a whiter light that provides better color rendering and depth of field," says Mark Nelson, the chief operations engineer for Muscatine Power and Water. "So safety on the roads is better with LED lights."

•U.S. Department of Energy, Solid-State Lighting Website.
"No other lighting technology offers as much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments, contributing to our nation's energy and climate change solutions."

How to evaluate led products.
Presentation on criteria for selecting the right LED lights

•Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction

•US Green Building Council

•Pennsylvania Sustainable Energy Fund

•TRF Funding for energy Projects